Calendar / Programme

The calendar for 2021 is now available.  The printed programme is available from the club.  Please keep an eye on the club noticeboard and mailing list for any changes.  All times are given in local time (GMT or BST as appropriate).

For this season you can also subscribe to the Felpham Sailing Club calendar using Google calendar or most other calendar applications/websites.  Further instructions are available here.

Please note that only upcoming events are shown in the table below.  The full programme can be found in the printed document.

Key: AVLT (average lap racing), D (development), OPEN (open meeting), P (pursuit race), RYA (training), Soc (social), Y (youth), YD (youth development)

DateTimeEventTypeHighwaterHeight (m)Team
Sun 16 May09:30; 10:30; 11:30Viking; Looking Glass 7,8,9AVLT14:465.2A
Wed 19 May19:00Capstan Series 3AVLT17:204.5
Fri 21 May16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD07:154.4
Sat 22 MayFamily Fun DaySOC08:254.7
Sat 22 May14:00Family Fun Day with post-sailing BBQ/Discover Sailing (TBC)D08:254.7B
Sun 23 May11:00:00; 12:00:00Viking; Looking Glass 10,11AVLT09:225.1C
Sun 23 May14:00Tyger TrophyP09:225.1C
Wed 26 May19:00Capstan Series 4AVLT11:525.9
Thu 27 May18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D12:436.0
Fri 28 May16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD13:336.0
Sat 29 MayCheese n Wine NightSOC14:235.9
Sun 30 May10:00President's PrizeAVLT15:145.7D
Sun 30 May11:00; 12:00Viking; Looking Glass 12,13AVLT15:145.7D
Mon 31 May11:00; 12:00; 13:00Commodore's Cup; Laser Challenge Cup 1,2,3 &Asy Spinnaker PlateAVLT16:075.4E
Wed 2 Jun19:00Capstan Series 5AVLT05:234.7
Thu 3 JunCoffee morningSOC06:284.5
Thu 3 Jun13:00Cheese n Wine LunchSOC06:284.5
Fri 4 Jun16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD07:394.4
Sat 5 JunCheese n Wine Night 2SOC08:504.5
Sat 5 Jun13:00Skills Saturday/Discover Sailing (TBC)D08:504.5F
Sat 5 JunTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD08:504.5
Sun 6 Jun11:00; 12:00; 13:00; 14:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 1,2,3,4AVLT09:444.7G
Mon 7 JunTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD10:294.9
Wed 9 Jun19:00Capstan Series 6AVLT11:425.2
Fri 11 Jun16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD12:505.3
Sat 12 JunTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD13:255.4
Sun 13 Jun12:00Tythe Barn at Pagham Yacht ClubAVLT13:595.3H
Mon 14 JunTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD14:365.3
Wed 16 Jun19:00Capstan Series 7AVLT16:035.1
Thu 17 Jun18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D16:584.9
Fri 18 Jun16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD05:194.8
Sat 19 Jun14:00; 15:00Felpham Open Regatta 1,2AVLT06:304.7ALL
Sun 20 Jun11:00; 12:00; 14:00; 15:00Felpham Open Regatta 5,6,7,8AVLT07:414.8ALL
Mon 21 JunTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD08:475.0
Wed 23 Jun19:00Capstan Series 8, Portfield Peugeot Challenge CupAVLT10:425.5
Thu 24 Jun18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D11:375.7
Fri 25 Jun16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD12:315.8
Sat 26 JunBand NightSOC13:245.9
Sat 26 JunTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD13:245.9
Sat 26 JunTBC due to tideSkills SaturdayD13:245.9I
Sun 27 Jun10:00; 11:00; 12:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 5,6,7AVLT14:155.9J
Mon 28 JunTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD15:025.8
Wed 30 JunGreek lunchSOC16:375.3
Wed 30 Jun19:00Capstan Series 9AVLT16:375.3
Fri 2 Jul16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD05:464.7
Sat 3 JulFamily Fun Day plus BBQSOC06:404.5
Sat 3 Jul14:00Family Fun Day/Anything that floats with post-sailing BBQD06:404.5A
Sat 3 JulTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD06:404.5
Sun 4 Jul11:00; 12:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 8,9AVLT07:384.4B
Sun 4 Jul14:00; 15:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 1, 2AVLT07:384.4B
Mon 5 JulTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD08:394.4
Wed 7 Jul19:00Capstan Series 10AVLT10:274.8
Thu 8 Jul18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D11:105.0
Fri 9 Jul16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD11:505.2
Sat 10 JulComedy NightSOC12:305.4
Sat 10 Jul14:30Skills SaturdayD12:305.4C
Sat 10 JulTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD12:305.4
Sun 11 Jul10:00; 11:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 10,11AVLT13:085.4D
Sun 11 Jul14:00; 15:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 3, 4AVLT13:085.4D
Mon 12 JulTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD13:465.5
Wed 14 Jul19:00Capstan Series 11AVLT15:025.5
Thu 15 Jul18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D15:465.4
Fri 16 Jul16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD16:335.3
Sat 17 Jul10:00Sailing SafariD17:285.2E
Sat 17 JulTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD17:285.2
Sun 18 Jul11:00; 12:00 14:00; 15:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 5, 6,7,8AVLT05:524.9F
Mon 19 JulTBCTopper, Tera, Laser Cadet squad nightsYD07:014.8
Wed 21 Jul19:00Capstan Series 12AVLT09:305.0
Fri 23 Jul16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD11:315.5
Sat 24 JulGreek NightSOC12:255.8
Sat 24 Jul14:00Skills SaturdayD12:255.8G
Sat 24 JulTBCJunior Tera squad sailing and open sailingYD12:255.8
Sun 25 Jul14:00Long DistanceAVLT13:155.9H
Wed 28 Jul09:30 - 16:30Felpham Youth RegattaRYA15:255.7
Wed 28 Jul19:00Capstan Series 13AVLT15:255.7
Thu 29 Jul09:30 - 16:30Felpham Youth RegattaRYA16:045.5
Thu 29 Jul18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D16:045.5
Fri 30 Jul09:30 - 16:30Felpham Youth RegattaRYA16:435.2
Fri 30 Jul16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD16:435.2
Sat 31 JulFamily Fun Day with afternoon tea and musicSOC17:254.9
Sat 31 Jul09:30 - 16:30Felpham Youth RegattaRYA17:254.9
Sat 31 Jul10:00Family Fun Day/Anything that floats - post-sailing afternoon teaD17:254.9I
Sun 1 Aug11:00; 12:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 1,2AVLT05:474.5J
Sun 1 Aug13:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 1AVLT05:474.5J
Wed 4 Aug19:00Capstan Series 14AVLT08:544.3
Sun 8 Aug13:00; 14:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 2,3AVLT12:105.5A
Sun 8 Aug15:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 3AVLT12:105.5A
Wed 11 Aug19:00Capstan Series 15AVLT14:065.8
Thu 12 Aug18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D14:435.8
Fri 13 Aug16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD15:235.7
Sat 14 AugSummer partySOC16:085.6
Sat 14 Aug10:00Skills SaturdayD16:085.6B
Sun 15 Aug11:00; 12:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 4,5AVLT16:575.3C
Sun 15 Aug13:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 4AVLT16:575.3C
Wed 18 AugCoffee morningSOC08:004.6
Wed 18 Aug19:00Capstan Series 16AVLT08:004.6
Fri 20 Aug16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD10:335.2
Sat 21 Aug14:00Skills SaturdayD11:285.5D
Sun 22 Aug13:00; 14:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 5,6AVLT12:175.8E
Sun 22 Aug15:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 6AVLT12:175.8E
Wed 25 Aug19:00Capstan Series 17AVLT14:206.0
Thu 26 Aug18:00Welcome on Water (WoW/MoB combined)RYA+D14:535.8
Fri 27 Aug16:45Youth Sailing & Sail TrainingYD15:245.6
Sat 28 AugBand NightSOC15:525.3
Sat 28 AugBath tub race - TBCSOC15:525.3
Sat 28 Aug10:00Skills SaturdayD15:525.3F
Sun 29 Aug10:00; 11:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 7,8AVLT16:215.0G
Sun 29 Aug12:00; 13:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 7AVLT16:215.0G
Mon 30 Aug11:00; 12:00Evelyn Mary Hand Trophy etc 1,2AVLT17:004.6H
Mon 30 Aug13:00; 14:00Felpham Challenge Cup etc 1,2AVLT17:004.6H
Wed 1 SepCoffee morningSOC07:064.1
Fri 3 SepTBCAero pre-Open trainingD09:284.5
Sun 5 Sep12:00; 13:00Porte Shield 1,2AVLT11:065.3I
Sun 5 Sep14:00Hago Cup 1AVLT11:065.3I
Sat 11 Sep10:00Skills SaturdayD14:585.9J
Sat 11 SepTBCWSSYSA Regatta - CobnorYD14:585.9
Sun 12 Sep10:00; 11:00Hago Cup 2,3AVLT15:425.7A
Sun 12 Sep12:00Porte Shield 3AVLT15:425.7A
Sun 12 SepTBCWSSYSA Regatta - CobnorYD15:425.7
Thu 16 Sep16:45Youth Sailing & RacingYD07:574.4
Sat 18 SepBand NightSOC10:305.2
Sat 18 Sep14:00; 15:00BENTLEY BATONAVLT10:305.2B
Sun 19 Sep12:00; 13:00Porte Shield 4,5AVLT11:175.6C
Sun 19 Sep14:00Hago Cup 4AVLT11:175.6C
Sat 25 SepFamily Fun Day / Anything that FloatsSOC14:405.6
Sat 25 Sep09:30Family Fun Day/Anything that floatsD14:405.6D
Sun 26 Sep10:00; 11:00Hago Cup 5,6AVLT15:015.3E
Sun 26 Sep12:00Porte Shield 6AVLT15:015.3E
Wed 29 SepFrench lunchSOC17:004.3
Sun 3 Oct12:00; 13:00Porte Shield 7,8AVLT09:535.0F
Sun 3 Oct14:00Hago Cup 7AVLT09:535.0F
Fri 8 OctQuiz NightSOC13:166.3
Sun 10 Oct10:00; 11:00Hago Cup 8,9AVLT14:366.0G
Sun 10 Oct12:00Porte Shield 9AVLT14:366.0G
Sat 16 Oct14:00Skills SaturdayD09:154.9H
Sun 17 Oct12:00; 13:00Porte Shield 10,11AVLT10:105.3I
Sun 17 Oct14:00Hago Cup 10AVLT10:105.3I
Wed 20 OctCoffee morningSOC12:126.0
Fri 22 OctFamily Bingo NightSOC13:155.8
Sun 24 Oct09:30Hago Cup 11AVLT13:025.5J
Sun 24 Oct10:30Porte Shield 12AVLT13:025.5J
Fri 29 OctCadet Halloween partySOC16:574.1
Sat 30 OctAdult Halloween partySOC06:094.2
Sun 31 OctEnd of season lunchSOC07:194.6
Sun 31 Oct10:00; 11:00Shelley Cup 1,2 (incorporating the Endeavour Trophies)AVLT07:194.6E
Fri 5 NovBonfire Night party (charities Night)SOC11:086.3
Sat 20 NovDinner DanceSOC11:415.7
Sun 28 NovChristmas craft fairSOC05:124.5
Sat 4 DecChristmas party Night Music+ BuffetSOC10:446.2
Sun 12 DecChristmas LunchSOC05:414.9
Sun 19 DecMince pies and mulled wineSOC11:135.5
Fri 24 DecChristmas Eve Bar openSOC14:035.2
Sun 26 DecBar open 12-3SOC15:414.8
Fri 31 DecNYE - TBCSOC08:445.5