Calendar / Programme

The calendar for 2020 is shown below.  The printed programme will be available soon.  Please keep an eye on the club noticeboard and mailing list for any changes.  All times are given in local time (GMT or BST as appropriate).

In addition to the full printed programme we also have three further publications available to help you get the best out of FSC.

For this season you can also subscribe to the Felpham Sailing Club calendar using Google calendar or most other calendar applications/websites.  Further instructions are available here.

Please note that only upcoming events are shown in the table below.  The full programme can be found in the printed document.

Key: AVLT (average lap racing), D (development), O (open meeting), P (pursuit), RYA (training), Soc (social), SocD (social development), Y (youth), YD (youth development)


DateTimeEventTypeHighwaterHeight (m)Team
Fri 28 Feb18:00Pancake Evening SocialSOC
Sat 7 MarBand Night (The Rocket Dogs)SOC
Sun 15 Mar10:00; 11:00; 12:00Aries Series; Spring Series; Top Hat 1,2,3AVLT15:245.2
Sun 15 Mar14:30St. Patricks LunchSOC15:245.2
Sun 22 Mar10:00The Big (Late) BreakfastSOC10:245.1
Sun 22 Mar13:00: 14:00; 15:00Aries Series; Spring Series: Top Hat 4,5,6AVLT10:245.1
Sun 29 Mar10:00; 11:00; 12:00Aries Series; Spring Series: Top Hat 7,8,9AVLT14:525.2
Sun 5 Apr13:00: 14:00; 15:00Aries Series; Spring Series: Top Hat 10,11,12AVLT09:525.0
Sun 12 Apr10:00Clubhouse TrophyAVLT15:185.6
Sun 12 Apr11:00RNLI PennantAVLT15:185.6
Sun 12 Apr12:00Viking; Looking Glass 1AVLT15:185.6
Mon 13 Apr11:00: 12:00King George V Trophy 1,2AVLT16:045.2
Mon 13 Apr13:00Viking; Looking Glass 2AVLT16:045.2
Sun 19 Apr13:00: 14:00; 15:00Viking; Looking Glass 3,4,5AVLT10:154.7
Sun 26 Apr09:30; 10:30; 11:30Viking; Looking Glass 6,7,8AVLT13:595.3
Sun 3 May11:00; 12:00Viking; Looking Glass 9,10AVLT08:294.6
Sun 3 May14:00Tyger TrophyP08:294.6
Wed 6 May19:00Capstan Series 1AVLT11:085.7
Sat 9 May POSH (FSC On Tour)13:315.9
Sun 10 May POSH (FSC On Tour)
Wed 13 May19:00Capstan Series 2AVLT16:394.8
Sun 17 May11:00President's PrizeAVLT08:334.2
Sun 17 May14:00; 15:00Golden Jubilee Cup 1,2AVLT08:334.2
Wed 20 May19:00Capstan Series 3AVLT10:504.9
Sat 23 MayDisco (with DJ's Steve & Ali)SOC12:325.3
Sun 24 May10:00Wannop & FalconerP13:065.4
Sun 24 May14:30North Mark TrophyAVLT13:065.4
Mon 25 May09:30; 10:30Coxswains Cannon 1,2AVLT13:415.4
Wed 27 May19:00Capstan Series 4AVLT15:025.2
Sat 30 May11:30; 12:30; 13:30RS Aero & Tera Open MeetingAVLT18:134.7
Sun 31 May11:00; 12:00; 14:00; 15:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 1,2,3,4AVLT06:434.6
Wed 3 Jun19:00Capstan Series 5AVLT09:565.3
Sun 7 Jun10:00Long Distance CupAVLT13:155.7
Wed 10 Jun19:00Capstan Series 6AVLT15:305.3
Sat 13 JunRegatta Social (quiz)SOC18:024.6
Sat 13 Jun10:30; 11:30 14:30; 15:30Felpham Open Regatta 1,2,3,4AVLT18:024.6
Sun 14 Jun11:00; 12:00Felpham Open Regatta 5,6AVLT06:264.2
Wed 17 Jun19:00Capstan Series 7AVLT21:394.8
Wed 17 Jun19:00Portfield Peugeot Challenge CupAVLT21:394.8
Sat 20 JunSummer Ball (at Bognor Regis Golf Club)SOC11:265.1
Sun 21 Jun14:00; 15;00; 16:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 5,6 ,7AVLT12:075.3
Wed 24 Jun19:00Capstan Series 8AVLT14:115.4
Sat 27 Jun11:00; 12:00; 13:00SOLOS - Pusinelli CupAVLT16:445.2
Sun 28 Jun10:00; 11:00; 12:00SOLOS - Pusinelli CupAVLT17:475.0
Wed 1 Jul19:00Capstan Series 9AVLT21:035.1
Sat 4 JulSummer BBQSOC11:255.4
Sun 5 Jul14:00; 15;00; 16:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 8,9,10AVLT12:155.5
Wed 8 Jul19:00Capstan Series 10AVLT14:305.5
Sat 11 Jul11:00; 12:00; 13:00; 14:00Topper Open MeetingAVLT16:295.0
Sun 12 Jul10:00; 11:00Founders Series; Norseman; Tip Top 11,12AVLT17:134.7
Sun 12 Jul13:00; 14:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 1, 217:134.7
Wed 15 Jul19:00Capstan Series 11AVLT19:584.4
Sun 19 Jul11:00Tythe Barn Trophy @ Bognor Regis Sailing ClubAVLT11:015.1
Sun 19 Jul14:00; 15:00; 16:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 3,4,5AVLT11:015.1
Wed 22 Jul19:00Capstan Series 12AVLT13:175.6
Sun 26 Jul11:00; 12:00; 13:00Menagerie Shield; Princes Pot 6,7,8AVLT16:245.5
Wed 29 Jul19:00Capstan Series 13AVLT19:264.8
Sun 2 Aug14:00; 15:00; 16:00Commodore's Cup; Laser Challenge Cup 1,2,3 & Spinakker PlateAVLT11:175.2
Wed 5 Aug19:00Capstan Series 14AVLT13:325.6
Sun 9 Aug11:00; 12:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 1,2AVLT15:415.1
Sun 9 Aug13:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 1AVLT15:415.1
Wed 12 Aug09:00Felpham Youth Regatta17:444.4
Wed 12 Aug19:00Capstan Series 15AVLT17:444.4
Thu 13 Aug09:00Felpham Youth Regatta19:054.3
Fri 14 Aug09:00Felpham Youth Regatta20:194.3
Sat 15 Aug09:00Felpham Youth Regatta08:554.4
Sun 16 Aug13:00; 14:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 2,3AVLT09:524.7
Sun 16 Aug15:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 3AVLT09:524.7
Wed 19 Aug19:00Capstan Series 16AVLT12:155.7
Sat 22 AugFun On The PromSOC14:306.0
Sun 23 Aug10:00; 11:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 4,5AVLT15:145.9
Sun 23 Aug12:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 4AVLT15:145.9
Wed 26 Aug19:00Capstan Series 17AVLT17:504.9
Sat 29 AugSummer Party09:164.5
Sun 30 Aug13:00; 14:00Sidmouth Shield; Bruce McLaren trophy 5,6AVLT10:194.8
Sun 30 Aug15:00Fisher's Flipper; Rainbow Trophy 6AVLT10:194.8
Mon 31 Aug11:00; 12:00Evelyn Mary Hand Trophy etc 1,2AVLT11:085.2
Mon 31 Aug14:00; 15:00Felpham Challenge Cup etc 1,2AVLT11:085.2
Sun 6 Sep10:00; 11:00; 12:00Porte Shield 1,2,3AVLT14:325.4
Sat 12 Sep11:00; 12:00Bentley Baton 1,2AVLT07:114.2
Sun 13 Sep11:00; 12:00 14:00; 15:00Hago Cup 1,2,3,4AVLT08:304.3
Sat 19 SepWSSYSA Regatta Day 1 (at Cobnor Activities Centre)
Sat 19 SepGreek NightSOC
Sun 20 SepWSSYSA Regatta Day 2 (at Cobnor Activities Centre)14:076.1
Sun 20 Sep09:30; 10;30; 11:30Porte Shield 4,5,6AVLT14:076.1
Sun 27 Sep11:00; 12:00Hago Cup 5,6AVLT09:064.5
Sun 27 Sep14:00; 15:00Porte Shield 7,809:064.5
Sun 4 Oct09:30; 10:30Hago Cup 7,8AVLT13:325.5
Sun 11 Oct11:00; 12:00; 13:00Porte Shield 9,10,11AVLT06:334.2
Sun 18 Oct09:00; 10:00Hago Cup 9,10AVLT12:596.2
Sun 25 Oct11:00; 12:00Shelley Cup 1,2 (incorporating the Endeavour Trophies)AVLT06:074.3
Sat 31 OctHalloween DiscoSOC
Fri 20 Nov Dinner & Dance (at Bognor Regis Golf Club)SOC
Sun 29 NovChristmas FairSOC
Sun 13 DecFestive LunchSOC