Calendar / Programme

The calendar for 2020 is shown below.  The printed programme (with pre-Covid race programme!) is available from the clubhouse.  Please keep an eye on the club noticeboard and mailing list for any changes.  All times are given in local time (GMT or BST as appropriate).

In addition to the full printed programme we also have three further publications available to help you get the best out of FSC.

For this season you can also subscribe to the Felpham Sailing Club calendar using Google calendar or most other calendar applications/websites.  Further instructions are available here.

Please note that only upcoming events are shown in the table below.  The full programme can be found in the printed document.

Key: AVLT (average lap racing), D (development), O (open meeting), P (pursuit), RYA (training), Soc (social), SocD (social development), Y (youth), YD (youth development)

No calendar events found.