Boat Hire

Felpham Sailing Club has a number of boats for use by members. The purpose of these is to:

  • provide sailing tuition
  • encourage members to have a go
  • encourage members to extend their sailing skills

Most of the boats and equipment has been purchased within the last few years and must be treated with care, particularly as the maintenance and any repair work is carried out by volunteers on a goodwill basis.

Boat hire costs are typically between £10 and £30 depending on the boat and whether being hired for a half or full day.

Boats Available

  • Laser Pico
  • Topper

For sailors who have an RYA dinghy sailing Level 3 and above qualification the following boats are available:

  • RS Feva
  • Laser 2000

Boats are hired on the basis that if you hire the boat and it is returned damaged, the hirer pays for it or “you bend it, you mend it”.

Boat Hire Conditions

  • The Team Leader has given permission for the hire to take place.
  • The conditions are deemed suitable by the Team Leader – if winds are in excess of Force 4 then permission is unlikely to be granted.
  • The equipment must be booked with the Team Leader and paid for at the time of hire. The ONLY exception to this is use on a Friday evening by cadet members and on Thursdays for WoW sessions.
  • The members name should be recorded in the hire folder along with the number of the boat hired.
  • Any damage or concerns, however small, should be reported immediately to the Team Leader and recorded in the hire folder. The hirer is responsible for the safe launching and recovery of the boat and for ensuring swimmers, small children etc are not in the vicinity.
  • When finished the boat and fittings must be washed down and returned to its storage place. If using the racks an adult must be involved in the stowage. Pico and Topper sails should be left on the masts and stored in the appropriate container.  The Laser 2000 and Wanderer sails should be carefully rolled and stored in the appropriate container.
  • Foils are stored in the appropriate container.
  • If available, covers should be securely replaced.

NOTE THAT ANY LOSS OF THE ABOVE ITEMS WILL RESULT IN THE HIRER BEARING THE FULL COST. (Example costs 2009: Pico rudder – £285, daggerboard – £195, mast assembly – £685; Topper rudder – £220, daggerboard – £195)

If any further assistance is required please consult the Team Leader on the day. It is hoped that the equipment will last some time and these conditions have been set to help ensure this is the case.

If you are interested in boat hire at Felpham Sailing Club then please talk to a team leader or committee member at the club.

Boat Hire Prices

Payment must be made prior to taking a boat out – by cash or cheque payable to Felpham Sailing Club.

Boat Half Day Full Day
Laser Pico £ 10 £ 20
Topper £ 10 £ 20
RS Feva £ 15 £ 30
Laser 2000 £ 15 £ 30