Committee and Officers of the club

Felpham Sailing Club operates as two clubs – Felpham Sailing Club (a CASC ‘Community Amateur Sports Club’) and Felpham Sailing Club Supporters Club (for non-sailors). The Committee of each club is shown below.

Felpham Sailing Club (CASC)

The Officers of the Club consist of a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, two Rear-Commodores, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Subscription Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year.

The committee consists of the officers, the RYA Training Principal a Bosun and not more than six further members of the club, together with the Cadet Captain.

The committee manage the affairs of the club according to the club rules.  Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year and shall hold office for one year, retiring at the termination of the Annual General Meeting in each year. All Officers of the Club are eligible for re-election, however, the office of Commodore is held by each successive Commodore for a period not exceeding two years.

In addition to the Committee and Officers we also have a part-time steward who deals with much of the day to day running of the club.


Mike Harris (President)
Mike Harris (President)

Flag Officers

David Rowe
David Rowe (Commodore)
Guy Mayger (Vice Commodore)
James Gerwat
James Gerwat (Rear Commodore)
Catherine Hemsley (Rear Commodore)
Catherine Hemsley (Rear Commodore)
Richard Bentley
Richard Bentley (Subscription Secretary)
Ian King (Secretary)
Andrew Riley (Honorary Treasurer)
Andrew Riley (Treasurer)

Committee Members

Dawn Morgan
Nigel Lester
Matt Twist (Child Protection Officer)

Recognised Training Centre Principal

Roger Belton
Roger Belton

Club Steward

Pete Jones
Pete Jones


Mike Pelling

Felpham Sailing Club (Supporters Club)

Information about the Supporters Club can be found in this dedicated part of the website.

Felpham Sailing Club Commodores

Name Years
Alf Beale 1955-1956
Barny Buckland 1956-1957
Lou Lake 1957-1961
Monty Hand 1961-1981
Gordon Pullinger 1981-1984
Tom Conners 1984-1986
Bob May 1986-1987
Paul Hemsley 1987-1988
Derek Rowe 1988-1990
Ross Fisher 1990-1993
Keith Fisher 1993-1995
James Bond 1995-1997
Cindy Bloor 1997-1999
Richard Cutsforth 1999-2001
Martin Seagrove 2001-2003
Alison Shelley 2003-2005
Andrew Farrer 2005-2007
Roger Belton 2007-2009
Catherine Davies 2009-2010
Alison Hirons 2010-2011
Paula Bentley 2011-2013
Keith Hopper 2013-2014
Pat Cullen 2014-2016
Ross Fisher 2016-2017
David Rowe 2017-date


The position of President is an Honorary one, and is given in recognition of long service to the Club.

Name Years
Richard M. Bond 1972-1994
Monty Hand 1995-1996
Gordon Pullinger 2004-2009
Mike Harris 2009-date