Supporters Club

As part of our ‘Community Amateur Sports Club’ (CASC) status Felpham Sailing Club technically operates as two clubs:

  1. Felpham Sailing Club (FSC) – for sailors
  2. Felpham Sailing Club Supporters Club (FSCSC) – for Social members

The Supporters Club is an affiliate of and intended to provide support for Felpham Sailing Club. However, we strive to ensure the experience is of one overall Felpham Sailing Club.

Social members have full access to club social facilities and social events without the requirement to take part in sailing duties. However, they are still needed to help arrange and participate in clubhouse events and activities throughout the year. There are so many jobs that need doing around a busy club like ours and lots of opportunities to get stuck in. Apart from the regular sailing days there are Cadet nights, Regattas, Open meetings, and a range of social activities.

All the efforts of Social Members help the club as a whole, whether bringing in revenue or providing the spirit and fun that make our events so successful. We are one overall club, so all members are welcome whether they want to pitch in or just come and join in.


The Supporters Club has a separate committee who are elected each year by the Social members at the FSCSC AGM. The current committee is as follows:

  • Chair: 
  • Secretary: 
  • Committee Members:
    • Casey Grainger (FSC Club Steward)
    • Martin Gillam (FSC Commodore)
    • Chris Whitney (FSC Vice-Commodore)
    • Andrew Riley (FSC Treasurer)
Emma Hulse
Jana Littleproud
April Jones
Helen Penfold

Rules, Regulations and Byelaws

The following document details the current Rules, Regulations and Byelaws of the Supporters Club.  This should be read in conjunction with the FSC Rules, Regulations and Byelaws – all of which also apply to Supporters Club Members.