Supporters Club

As part of our ‘Community Amateur Sports Club’ (CASC) status Felpham Sailing Club technically operates as two clubs:

  1. Felpham Sailing Club (FSC) – for sailors
  2. Felpham Sailing Club Supporters Club (FSCSC) – one for non-sailor supporters/social members

Whichever club you are a part of we strive to ensure the experience you get is of one club.

The Supporters Club is formed to provide support to Felpham Sailing and is an affiliate of Felpham Sailing Club.


FSCSC has a separate committee who are elected each year by the members at the Annual General Meeting of the Supporters Club.  The current committee is as follows:

  • Chair: Casey Grainger (acting)
  • Secretary: Suzie Moore
  • Committee:
    • Commodore from Sailing Club (CASC) Committee
    • Vice-Commodore from Sailing Club (CASC) Committee
    • Treasurer from Sailing Club (CASC) Committee
    • Georgette Budhram
    • Casey Grainger (Club Steward/Bar Lead)
    • Fiona James
    • John Noyce

Rules, Regulations and Byelaws

The following document details the current Rules, Regulations and Byelaws of the Supporters Club.  This can be read in conjunction with the FSC Rules, Regulations and Byelaws.