WSSYSA Regatta 2017 update

From Kate Miller, 3 August 2017

WSSYSA update.

I’ve been checking out the website information and sadly it doesn’t look like there is a rookie fleet this year 🙁
I am currently awaiting confirmation of this.

But don’t let that put you off! Let’s still support this event and enter a huge team!

Team Felpham on tour

As soon as I have all the details I will put out the form to complete and I am going to need a VERY FAST turnaround of forms and payments as the price goes up 23rd August and I’m away from 14th!!!

So, PLEASE come down the club tomorrow evening ready to sign up and pay entry fees. That would be really helpful.
Looks like it’s £22 double hander (shared between the 2 sailors) and £17 single hander inc harbour fees.

Thank you.