WoW – Week 17

20160826-wow2We had a fabulous last Thursday evening WoW session, so much so that we were still sailing as the sun went down, so that we could eek out every last minute of fun!

12 boats were on the water with 14 lady sailors, as well as young Connie Lloyd in her topper, all just chilling and savouring the lightish westerly breeze. Just enough to enable the boats to move as directed.

The group were a mixture of more experienced sailors as well as those who had only been at WoW a couple of times. All were helming confidently around the triangular course either as single handlers or with an experienced helm in the boat.

One race before we headed back, guided by the lights of the clubhouse!

To finish the perfect evening we had an extremely tasty meal prepared by Patrick and Sue, and a celebration cake to wish Jo well as she moves to Bristol. She’s been a terrific member of the group and we will miss her.

Thanks to Jack Miller, Tim Boswijk, Steve Sampson and Susie Lloyd, Paul Hemsley for safety and beach support.