Dutyman ready for 2016 – sign up now

Calling all sailing members – single sailing, family sailing, cadets aged 14 and above and social members who wish to assist with duties.

As you may be aware, the Dutyman Roster offers duties to sailing members including cadets aged 14 and above and this is how duties at Felpham Sailing Club are allocated.

The dutyman rosta allows members to pick days they know they can attend to cover in the race office, safety boat, or on beach. If you choose a duty and then cannot do it, you must swap via the Dutyman by offering the duty up for a swap. If you don’t choose your duties within the next few weeks then they will be allocated for you.

So how do we do it;-

  • click on this link
  • enter your name – ie, Joe Bloggs
  • enter your password – if you cannot remember you can click the link for a reminder
  • then select your duties.

Remember if you haven’t done this by end of March, you will be allocated duties so no excuses!

The Sailing Committee