Snowflake 1 & 2 Update

We had an excellent turnout from FSC at the CYC snowflake today.

It’s great to see so many of us travelling & promoting FSC.

Very light winds greeted us with the usual shifty nonsense.

Slow Fleet.
Joshua James (Topper) is 4th overall with a 6th & 4th today
Alfie Lester (Laser 4.7) is 5th overall with a consistent 5th & 5th

Medium Fleet.
Toby Schofield (Aero 7) had a 9th & 2nd and is 4th overall
Luke Mapley (DZero-blue) had a 24th & 15th and is 20th overall
Alice Serna (Laser Radial) had a 21st & 20th and is 21st overall

Fast Fleet.
James Gerwat (D-Zero) had a 6.5th & 10th and is 6th overall
Callum Aldous (D-Zero) had a 6.5th & 14th and is 10th overall
Ross Fisher (Blaze) had a 10th & 12th and is 11th overall
Pete Jones (Blaze) had a 9th & 15th and is 12th overall
Richard Ganley (Blaze) had a 13th & 16th and is 16th overall

Positions might change a bit once we have some wind…