Sailing, racing, development and training plans for 2019

It’s that time of year when we are asking you to rejoin as a member of the Best Little Sailing Club on the south coast:

The committee at FSC are keen to update you on some exciting changes to the 2019 season as a result of feedback from members.  Our main thrust this year is to increase the number of novice youth and less experienced adults taking part in racing on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as reducing the number of duties full sailing members need to undertake to four.

We were pleased to see an increase in experienced racers on Sundays and Wednesdays and we would now wish to focus on encouraging more of the younger and novice members to give it a go.

In order to achieve these aims we have agreed some of the following:

  • We are setting up training for all members (including social) in April (any one of the following dates 15-18 April) to have a taster to see what duties look like eg essential things to know about using RHIB, being race officer or assistant, beach
  • We will be running some races on Sundays that will have inner and outer courses – e.g., shorter ones for slow fleet, less experienced and maybe even separate starts.
  • We will be continuing to support and encourage club members to represent Team Felpham at other prestigious events including an Away Weekend to POSH (Paignton Open for Single Handers on May 11/12)
  • We will continue with some skills Saturdays May/June but will follow this with novice/buddy racing on Saturdays in June/July/August to help build up confidence for racing
  • We will continue to run Youth Fridays from May – August, with a focus on sail training in May with more experienced helms helping the new members; followed by sail training and racing in June and July; finishing with fun races/events during August
  • We will continue to run all the RYA start sailing and racing, power boat and safety boat courses to encourage formal development including courses for youth and adults, mostly during the weekdays
  • We will run a Youth Regatta as per usual, but this year we will also hold a Novice Adult Regatta on 10 August
  • The committee have also agreed that RYA Adult Training including WoW and MoB is to be open to all, including social members (for only two years) to acknowledge how long it takes to gain confidence to sail at other times

You can see we have a packed year ahead, and this is only part of the planned programme!

We hope that this will whet your appetite because we believe that by encouraging more people to join as full sailing members, we will be able to reduce the number of duties over the year to four and create a win win situation.

In order to enable us to plan the year ahead it would be great if you joined for the season as soon as possible.

We hope you like the new ideas – here’s some feedback we’ve had so far…

  • “Sounds really good, and I expect more people will be able to commit to fewer duties..” – Julie
  • “Great news, that full sailing members only have to do 4 duties, that along with the provision for less experienced racers to race means Im really looking forward to the start of the season” – Louise
  • “That all sounds fantastic. Cant wait” – Meg
  • “Roll on May” – Angela
  • “Really looking forward to being a FSM this year. The opportunities to develop skills and race confidence sounds great as a progression from WOW. Well done” – Andy
  • “Full sailing membership with 4 duties sounds fab” – Amanda
  • “Brilliant news” – Michelle
  • “Looks like its doing to be a great season” – Jax