RS Aero & RS Tera Open

Report by Richard & Paula Bentley
Photographs by Chris Hatton


The Aeros

Beautiful sunshine and a light south Easterly breeze met the 19 Aero and 21 Tera sailors at Felpham Sailing Club.  Three races were planned for the day starting at midday.

Peter Barton had brought down the new 6 rig for a few Aero sailors to try out. Peter had a nervous wait as everyone around him started launching, he had lent his boat to a local lad to try out before racing, eventually retrieving it back in time for a postponed first race.

The postponement was short and the Aero’s got a clean start with Greg Bartlett leading the way around a trapezoid course. Peter Barton and Nigel Davies were not far behind in their 9’s. But Chris Hatton was keeping the pressure on all the way round the course in his 7. After handicap had been applied 1st Greg Bartlett, 2nd Chris Hatton, 3rd Peter Barton.

The wind increased a little for the start of the second race, but this time Greg, who looked like making another good start but had impeded another boat and so had to do his turns. This left Peter to lead the field around the course followed by Greg and Nigel in the 9’s….. but again Chris was snapping at their heels all the way round with Peter finishing just 4 seconds ahead of Chris on handicap. There was some very close racing in the middle of the pack as well with just a few seconds between boats.

The final race got underway without incident, (no recalls all day). Again Peter lead us around the course but this time Chris was not far behind, must have been the weed slowing down the two 9’s of Greg and Nigel. This time local lad Toby Schofield managed a brilliant 3rd after not sailing for five months!  with Sammy Isaccs-Johnson the best of the new 6 rig just six seconds behind after handicap had been applied.


1st Chris Hatton

2nd Peter Barton

3rd Greg Bartlett


Thanks to the Race Office Ross Fisher and his assistant James Gerwat for a laying a good course and no delays between races.


The Teras


The Aeros start was the Tera five minute warning signal and all boats got away cleanly for all three races.


The first race saw a battle between Oliver Phillips (Pro), Finlay Southon (Sport), Tom Twist (Pro) and Paula Bentley (Pro).  Oliver Phillips lead from the front with Bentley, Southon & Twist battling during the course of the race which finished Phillips (1st) Southon (2nd) Twist (3rd).


The wind had swung round more easterly for the second race and the race officer and support boats adjusted the course accordingly.  There was slightly more wind for this race and Bentley lead from the start with Oliver Phillips (2nd) and Henry Patten (Pro 3rd).


The third race got away cleanly and in similar form, it was Phillips, Bentley and Patten .


When an open comes to your club, it is only right and proper that the youngsters are encouraged to participate and it proved that every Felpham RS Tera available for hire was booked for this event.

Congratulations to them for getting out on the water and giving it a go.



Tera Pro

1st  Oliver Phillips – RLYC

2nd Paula Bentley – Felpham SC

3rd  Henry Patten – RLYC


Tera Sport

1st   Finlay Southon – Bough Beech SC

2nd  Harry  West – RLYC

3rd Ruben Pagosia – Langstone SC