CYC Snowflake 5 & 6

CYC 5 & 6

Well it was very cold.
Most of us had frozen main sheets that were more like some sort of funny stick from a Harry Potter novel.
Except for a smug Callum Aldous who kept all his ropes inside overnight.
Everyone held off launching due to a lack of wind & waited for the first sucker to give it go.
So off I went. Surprisingly there was more wind than there appeared…just enough to break the ice.
After a short delay the Fast Fleet got off.
Fast Fleet Race 5
Once again, the light breeze favoured the Dzeros over the Blazes. However, Ross was going well until the end of his tiller came off & then he missed the gate. Insult to injury was added when the wind dropped off completely (you’ve seen the pictures) towards the end of the first race: Ross finished 18 minutes behind the first DZero!

James 5th
Callum 7th
Pete 10th
Richard 11th
Ross 12th

Medium Fleet Race 5
In the medium fleet, the wind demise worked to Luke’s advantage: Luke was finished after 1 lap with 4 other boats. The other 10 boats continued for a 2nd lap and the wind disappeared!
Luke finished 3rd – great result, the joys of average lap racing!
Toby had a bad day – although I always used to be pleased with an 11th in the medium fleet!
Luke 3rd
Toby 11th
Fast Fleet Race 6
The wind did make a return, although much lighter than the start of the previous race.
The highlight for me was hearing all the expletives coming from the double-handers , and I think most of them went home together.
By the time the medium fleet started, the wind picked up & shifted; The front of the medium fleet were mixing it with the middle of the fast fleet.
Callum 5th
Ross 6th
James 7th
Richard 10th
Pete 12th
Medium Fleet Race 6
Luke gave this one a miss and I think Toby wished he had!
Toby 13th
Luke 14th
We didn’t appear to have any competitors in the slow fleet this weekend
Overall FSC results, with 2 races to go:
Fast Fleet:
Callum 5th
James 7th
Ross 10th
Richard 11th
Pete 13th
Medium Fleet:
Toby 5th
Luke 13th
Alice 29th
Emily & Andy 30th
Slow Fleet:
Alfie 4th
Joshua 5th