CYC Snowflake 3 & 4

The coldest start so far this year, with less wind than forecast.
However, the breeze did pick up a little….and then drop off again!

Once again, CYC provided another great day on the water.

The fast fleet was set a trapezoid course with an outer loop to give an extra beat.
(This outer loop was to prove pivotal later in the day).
The slow & medium fleets were set a trapezoid course.

I can only comment on the view from my ship…if any of the racers from the slow & medium fleets want to add anything, please contact me….

The first race got underway & Peter Jones very quickly  decided to inspect his hull during the first beat. He soon realised that this was a bad idea as the cold got the better of him.

As the first race came to an end, those of us towards the back of the fleet, were left fighting the tide to navigate the windward mark. It must have been amusing to watch from the shore.

Fortunately the race committee moved the marks for the next race & most boats chose to get on to port tack and avoid the tide.

However, it was during the 2nd race that the outer loop proved challenging for some senior members who, despite navigating the course correctly during the first race (circa 60 minutes), managed to forget about the outer loop during the 2nd race.
Yes, Ross Fisher & James Gerwat managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (Victory over the other FSC boats that is).
Callum Aldous kept a cool head to snatch a 4th…an excellent result!

Toby had an excellent day with the exception of ending up on the wrong side of a shift in the first race but still managed to salvage a 4th.
Luke needs more wind for his small sail – then he’ll move up the rankings!

Likewise for Alfie in the 4.7. If we get a breeze, Alfie will surely move up.
Joshua James is putting in some consistent results and is 2nd Topper overall.

Andy & Emily McKinnon will be gaining valuable experience in this competitive fleet, in tricky tidal & shifty conditions.

So after 4 races, here are the Standings:

Fast Fleet:
Callum Aldous 7th
James Gerwat 8th
Ross Fisher 9th
Richard Ganley 10th
Pete Jones 17th

Medium Fleet:
Toby Schofield 4th
Luke Mapley 15th
Alice Serna 25th
Andy & Emily McKinnon 28th

Slow Fleet:
Alfie Lester 4th
Joshua James 5th