New Fusion dinghies available to demo

Today two demonstration Fusion dinghies were delivered to FSC. The Fusion was designed just over two years ago and is making a big impact on the Training Centre market around the world. It was designed by Greg Truswell, who had a hand in the Pico development. There are lots of new features that he has designed in, and some Pico features that he has designed out. We have these two Fusions at FSC until early July for you to try! We want to know how you rate it compared with the Pico. Try it out, have fun and let us know what you think. Hire charge will be the same as a Pico.

Each boat comes with a soft Dacron mainsail (like a Pico) and a jib (which is stored in the forward deck stowage). There is one battened race sail as well.


Feel free to comment on what you think about the Fusion, and how it sails.

For storage, please keep the mast up, sailed furled and jib stowed. The centreboard can be left an board. Put the rudder in Container 3. There is no boat cover.