Friday 31 August 2018

What a wonderful evening for a gentle sail for our young sailors. Big thanks to all who volunteered to help, especially the leaders Callum Aldous (Chief Sailing Instructor) with Sam Atherton Dinghy Instructor, Paul Sherwood who led the race team with Alice Serna and Katie Mayger. Sally Cutsforth led the beach team brilliantly. And there was lots of beach help too.

With 28 sailors in 22 dinghies it looked wonderful from the shore.

It was great to see those who had made good progress during Summer School courses and Youth Regatta get out Sailing and have lots of fun in a structured sailing environment. Some of the beach team were also enthused by the experience, hurly burly and fun at Youth Regatta, and applied their new found knowledge to help get the youngsters Sailing.

Owen Rowlands in his Laser was clear winner in the racing.
And there was a huge number of happy smiling faces in the Intermediate group. And a few new faces. What’s not to like?

During the evening we took time out to ensure that everything was going to run safely, and took measures to ensure that this was done with the safety craft available. There was a brief for the beach team to ensure their safety and the safety of those in their charge. As well as a brief and practical for the Tera sailors to make sure that they knew how to rig their new steeds correctly.

Two Picos, a Tera and a Tera trolley were repaired on the fly, and many parents and helpers co-operated to help get the youngsters sailing. Peter Jones ran the bar and was busy all evening. Sadly no kitchen crew or meal, but thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped make the evening successful.

Another lovely evening on the sea at Felpham!