Friday 24 August 2018

To all Youth sailors and their parents:

This Friday 24th August we will once again run our weekly Youth Sailing session.
The tide is out so we will have a big beach, but the forecast is a bit grotty with grey skies, drizzle and F4, gusting F6 from the West. It might be ok for Pico joyrides with experienced helms, but it is likely to be too windy for inexperienced/lightweight helms. Come on down and we will see what we can do. After our Youth Regatta purchases we have plenty of body boards available! Or we could do some beach games. Time to have some fun as the summer starts to fade….. Doors open around 4:30.

If we go out Sailing we will need at least one safety crew. My knee is still bust and I need to avoid any physical stuff for the time being, so I will be on the balcony with the telescope!

Not sure if there will be food, check FB for the latest info.

We now need to submit our Team Felpham entry for the WSSYSA Youth Regatta at Cobnor in September. Rachel H has been gathering entries and fees, please sign up on Friday if you have not done so already. All those who raced in Youth Regatta are at a standard where they can compete. All those who can sail around a triangle can join the Rookie Fleet and be coached around the course. This is always a fun event for our young people. Max age is under 19 on 31st August. No minimum age!

For those who are interested we could also spend some time learning how to rig and launch the new Teras properly. They need some care and attention, both in rigging and during launching and recovery. These are high quality race equipped dinghies, with high gloss finish hulls, very different from the rugged Picos, and as a consequence need to be treated with respect and care. When I have a few minutes spare I will develop a “How To….” card for sailors and beach crews to make clear the points that need to be observed.

Come along and enjoy the evening.