Duty Team News for 2017

As you may know, in the recent past, we have asked all sailing members (single, family and junior) to support the entire sailing programme to cover a range of duties for Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays via the DUTYMAN system (https://felphamsailingclub.co.uk/dutyman).

This very much relied on people signing themselves up on DUTYMAN for at least 7/8 duties per year.

Following on from feedback and our own records, we found that during 2016, a small number were offering a significant amount of time to enable the club activities to run safely and smoothly, whilst others, through lack of time, reticence and /or unfamiliarity with the DUTYMAN system were less involved. This meant that at times, we were short of support.

Whilst we continue to be extremely grateful for all the voluntary support for other duties such as catering, and hope that this continues this year, our focus this year will be to enable all sailing members to be part of a DUTY TEAM to support primarily Saturdays (Sailing Skills and Racing Development), as well as Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays (Racing).

We are pleased to confirm that the Thursdays (WOW – Women on Water) and Fridays (Youth Night Sailing and Racing) will be run separately from the DUTY TEAM role, by those participating, or supporting those participating in the sessions.

Wednesdays (Racing) will be run entirely by a team of suitably experienced Social Members.

Our aim is that all members holding a single, family or junior (15 + years after 1st January) sailing membership will become part of a DUTY TEAM. Through this approach we intend to set up 9 teams, which will be led by more experienced club members (TEAM LEADER). If everyone contributes, as identified by the DUTY TEAM, this will mean that team members may only need to do a maximum of 6 duties throughout the year eg 3 Saturdays (half days), and 3 Sundays or Bank Holiday Mondays (full days).

If members are unable to carry out their duty on the date identified, we still ask that you swap your duty with someone who can carry out a similar role.

In Summary:

  • Nine DUTY TEAMS have been created from the sailing membership to cover a maximum of 6 duties over the year, including Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays, which will be led by experienced TEAM LEADERS.
  • Junior members who are 15 + after the 1st January will be expected to take on a role that is appropriate to their experience and capability.
  • Junior members under the age of 15 + after 1st January will not be specifically allocated to a DUTY TEAM, but are encouraged to be involved so long as there is parental supervision available.
  • Social members will also not be specifically allocated to a DUTY TEAM, but those who are interested in being involved in supporting any of the sailing programme are encouraged to offer their services via the DUTY MAN system, the TEAM LEADER or the activity lead eg Youth, WOW, Wednesday Nights
  • If a team member is unable to carry out the identified duty, we ask that they use DUTYMAN to
    swap with someone who can carry out a similar role.
  • Any queries relating to any aspect of DUTY MAN and the DUTY TEAMS should be sent to the main
    committee who will endeavour to answer your queries
  • We will keep records of involvement and support, and will welcome feedback on how the new system is going, throughout the year.

THANK YOU for helping us to ensure the smooth running of the club, by carrying out your DUTY

Duty allocation and DUTYMAN information can be found on the ‘Duties’ page of the website.