WoW – Week 7

Today was a shall we or shan’t we day – take our ladies out sailing that is.   My wonderful plan to go on a sailing safari was definitely on up until about 4pm this afternoon when it started to rain, killing off what little wind there was.  And then it rained some more.  Then the communications started from some of our regular WoW ladies saying they couldn’t make it this evening.

So totally undecided as to what we should do this evening, I arrived at the club to find Jake A-H already taking Zodiac out of the container and preparing her for duty.  At that stage only two ladies were at the club wanting to sail.  Some umming and arring took place as the tide was at the bottom of the ramp (high tide being 21.38) and odd big wave coming in (no wind and big waves on landing is not a great combination), then two more ladies arrived keen to go, so decision made – no sailing safari but would lay a triangular course and sail just of the club.

Then Molly in her Topaz, Paul M in his new phantom (the Other Woman – great name for a boat), Erin in her Topper, Jack and Lauren in the 29er and Fin in his Topper were rigged and raring to go.

So we launched through the waves that were quite “challenging” and that was on the way out!    Once clear of the breakers we pottered around in very little wind until it died completely and our ladies were complete relaxed bobbing about wondering what to do next.   I suggested walking round the mast and back and I have to say that I haven’t seen different ways of doing this – one on all fours, one standing up holding on to the mast (yes you guessed it she got wet!).  

Paul M went back in first and managed to land his Other Woman successfully and then the ladies went in two by two which didn’t end so well in the swell.  However, the ladies were not hurt and the boats were unscathed.   Paul then very kindly stood armpit deep in water and caught each boat as they came in which was then recovered on to a trolley and whisked away.   Thank you Paul, we couldn’t have managed without you.

A quick recovery of the rib, washed down and put away the Picos and into the club for our lovely meal prepared by Bill Brooks.  Thanks to Bill, Jake, Andy R, and Paul H and of course our lovely WoW ladies who make WoW such a fun evening to run.

More next week !