New website launched

Welcome to the new Felpham Sailing Club website.  For a long time this has been in discussion and in time for the 2016 season we are proud to present our new website.

One thing you’ll probably notice is the slight change of address – it’s now  That’s our name so it seemed only right that it forms part of the club website address.  Pages from the old website will automatically link to the new site so you don’t have to rush and update any bookmarks or favourites that you might have stored.

The primary aim of the site was to give the site a fresher look and to make the site mobile/tablet friendly (which in turn makes Google happy!).  We also wanted to make it easier for different groups within the club (racing, training, cadets, social etc.) to be able to update the site without going through a central person for each change.  This functionality will be rolled out during the spring.

It is continually evolving and we hope to add more features, functionality and information to it over the coming months.  For example, when the weather station is (reliably) working again we plan to embed live weather station data onto the site pages.

It should look pretty reasonable on all modern browsers/devices.  If it doesn’t work well for you then please let me know and I’ll try and help.

If you have any feedback or comments please get in touch with David Rowe at the club or via email [email protected]