MoB – Men on Boats

Sailing participation at the best little Sailing Club on the South Coast continues to grow.

In the past, a lot of emphasis has been placed on Youth participation and Youth initiatives, so this initiative is aimed at those older than 18.

We already have a very successful WoW group, so now is a good time to do something else that could be equally successful.

If you would like to sail, learn to sail, boost your sailing confidence, learn about racing, learn to drive a powerboat, or help on safety, then Tuesday evenings could be for you. Or, if you would just like to watch others have a go and sit back, have a chat while enjoying a mug of tea or something stronger, then this could be for you too.

April 2018


Here is the current planned calendar for Men on Boats events at Felpham Sailing Club.

DateTimeEventHighwaterHeight (m)
Thu 13 May18:00MoB/WoW combined13:155.4
Thu 27 May18:00MoB/WoW combined12:436.0
Thu 17 Jun18:00MoB/WoW combined16:584.9
Thu 24 Jun18:00MoB/WoW combined11:375.7
Thu 8 Jul18:00MoB/WoW combined11:105.0
Thu 15 Jul18:00MoB/WoW combined15:465.4
Thu 29 Jul18:00MoB/WoW combined16:045.5
Thu 12 Aug18:00MoB/WoW combined14:435.8
Thu 26 Aug18:00MoB/WoW combined14:535.8

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