Covid-19/Coronavirus Update (3 June 2020)

Dear members,

After much discussion it looks like we are now in a position to put a safety/patrol boat out within the current guidelines.

This will require members are sensible with numbers in the compound and the intention is that the boat will be used for last resort situations.Essentially, everyone is still free-sailing, but should someone drop a mast or injure themselves we’ll be able to assist and save the RNLI a callout.

Having spoken to various parties we will continue to act within the guidelines and appropriately in terms of this current Covid phase.Racing would still be out at this time due to the organised nature, but it may be a good time for people to practice their boathandling skills.

Plan is to have the boat out from 13th June, but this will have to be manned by household crews for the moment because of the social-distancing situation.PPE will be installed on the boat.

This will rely on members keeping to the guidance as regards social distancing and gatherings around the compound area, as this will reflect on the Club.

I’m pleased to say that having observed the last few weekends those who have sailed have acted appropriately, whilst many of the general public have been far less observant!

Sessions might be somewhat ad hoc (please bear with us) depending on safety crew availability, weather and tide, but free-sailing will still be available to those who wish to do so.

The interior of the club will still be off limits for the moment.I will post more details soon. There is quite a lot that we’ll ask of you, so please read and follow this advice.


Guy (your Commodore)