RYA Club Member Survey – request for participants

Felpham SC is one of a small number of key clubs who have been selected by the RYA to participate within a research pilot. As part of the pilot we receive the support of the RYA and an agency they have contracted on behalf of the clubs involved to implement a club member survey which we hope will:

  • help us understand more about our members, our membership experience and 
  • receive feedback from the membership as to how we could refine and enhance what we offer to recruit new members and 
  • ensure the continued satisfaction of our current members.

We have agreed to work in partnership with the RYA on this which will generate a detailed report for the club management committee and some comparative analysis with other clubs which we can build into our strategy for club development.

The Club Committee are inviting all members to complete the online survey, which should take between 5 and 10 minutes and is accessible using the link below:

Please note that the survey will close at the end of May, in order for the club report to be created.

Your personal details will not be shared with anyone and your responses will remain anonymous. However the responses will be used to compile a specific report issued in June for our club, from which we will be able to do some comparisons versus other similar clubs across the country.

Obviously the more members who complete the survey, the more reflective of the views and ideas of our membership this report will be.  We would very much appreciate your time and insight in responding. 

Responses from all the participating clubs will be analysed to provide insight across England which the RYA will report back to us in the Autumn.

Please help us to understand more about our club members, so that we can continue to develop the club and increase activity and membership.