With the exception of members paying an appropriate surcharge as part of their membership fee, all sailing members are expected to help with team duties during their duty weekends.

It is the individual’s responsibility to find out their expected commitment on duty weekends from the relevant team leader, and to arrange a swap if unable to attend. This can be done by swapping with other members, using the online DutyMan system (see below).

Sailing members who do not fulfil all their duties will be charged the surcharge (see the membership form for the current surcharge amount).

Dutyman can be found at felphamsailingclub.co.uk/dutyman

Upcoming Duty Roster

Sun, 09 Apr Team A Aries Series/ Spring Series Race officer James Gerwat
Safety Boat Helm Andy Wilkinson
SafetyBoat Crew Liam Vass
Team Member Lucy Gerwat
Team Member Bethany Wilkinson
Race Officer Assist David Rowe
Sat, 15 Apr Team B Skills Saturday & Family Sailing Team Leader Roger Belton
Safety Boat Helm Richard Bentley
SafetyBoat Crew Lauren Bentley
Team Member Paula Bentley
Team Member Ian Makgill
Team Member Ruth Makgill
Sun, 16 Apr Team C Clubhouse Trophy Race officer Mark Phillips
Race Officer Assist Jack Miller
SafetyBoat Crew Simon Howell
Team Member Trevor Mossop
Team Member Matthew Mossop
Safety Boat Helm Roshan Verghese
Mon, 17 Apr Team I King George V Trophy 1, 2 Team Member Volunteer Needed
Race officer Ross Fisher
...and more (see link below)


The committee reserves the right to impose penalties or review the membership of any member who fails to attend their duty weekends.

safety-boat-20150508-6618Duties may involve activities such as the following:

  • Safety boat helm/crew
  • Boat launch/recovery help
  • Race officer and assistant

Duties should not be seen as a chore – they can be great fun, help you interact with other members of the club and as they say – many hands make light work.  The volunteering of members makes the club the success it is – so please do come along and help.

Duty Teams – 2017

For the 2017 season here at the team leaders and team members for each duty team.  Each team will cover approximately six days throughout the sailing season (either a Saturday, Sunday or bank-holiday Monday).

Team Leader Members Dates
A James Gerwat

[email protected]
07748 634261

James Gerwat, David Rowe, Andy Wilkinson, Liam Vass, Lucy Gerwat, Beth Wilkinson Sunday 9th April, Monday 1st May, Saturday 24th June, Saturday 29th July, Sunday 3rd September, Sunday 24th September
B Richard Bentley

[email protected]
07887 744550

Richard Bentley, Lauren Bentley, Ian Makgill, Paula Bentley, Sophie Bentley, Abi Bentley, Ruth Makgill Saturday 15th April, Sunday 14th May, Monday 29th May, Sunday 25th June, Sunday 30th July, Saturday 7th October
C Mark Phillips

[email protected]
07875 753965

Mark Phillips, Jack Miller, Roshan Verghese, Simon Howell, Trevor Mossop, Matthew Mossop, Emma Howell Sunday 16th April, Saturday 27th May, Sunday 2nd July, Saturday 5th August, Monday 28th August, Sunday 8th October
D Paul Hemsley

[email protected]
07972 166726

Paul Hemsley, Angela Jakeman, Catherine Hemsley, Bill Brooks, Sarah Hemsley, Matt twist, Suzanne Twist Saturday 22nd April, Sunday 28th May, Saturday 8th July, Sunday 6th August, Saturday 9th September, Sunday 15th October
E Tony Lord

[email protected]
07768 934844

Tony Lord, Sam Atherton, Chris Whitney, Tom Simpson, Amelia Simpson, Mike Pelling, Julie Pelling Sunday 23rd April, Saturday 3rd June, Sunday 9th July, Saturday 12th August, Sunday 10th September, Saturday 23rd September
F Mark Aldous

[email protected]
07840 136356

Mark Aldous, Suzi Lloyd, Owen Aldous, Toby Lloyd, Molly Ayling, James Hurren, Callum Aldous Saturday 29th April, Sunday 4th June, Saturday 15th July, Sunday 13th August, Saturday 16th September, Sunday 22nd October
G Pete Jones

[email protected]
07922 690897

Pete Jones, Will Palmer, Jerry Driscoll, William Driscoll, Jill Gill, Claire Bradley, Katherine Driscoll Sunday 30th April, Saturday 10th June, Sunday 16th July, Sunday 20th August, Saturday 2nd September, Saturday 30th September
H Guy Mayger

[email protected]
07527 107403

Guy Mayger, Alex Mayger, Andrew Riley, Meg Brackley, Zac Burse Saturday 6th May, Sunday 11th June, Saturday 22nd July, Saturday 26th August, Sunday 17th September, Sunday 29th October
I Ross Fisher

[email protected]
07712 779445

Ross Fisher, Jo Andrews, Chris Bull, Glenn Powell, Karl Pearce Monday 17th April, Sunday 7th May, Sunday 23rd July, Sunday 27th August, Sunday 1st October

DutyMan – online team duty management

We use the online system DutyMan for managing duties – this allows members to choose the.  DutyMan can be found at felphamsailingclub.co.uk/dutyman or at https://dutyman.biz/dm.aspx?id=F0002029.

If you are a sailing member and do not have access to DutyMan then please email the club and we’ll help get you up and running.  If you know you have an account and have forgotten your login details then you can get username/password reminders etc. from the DutyMan website.