Club Trophies and Awards

On the water (and sometimes off of the water!) the following trophies and shields are hotly contested for. Presentations are made at the annual prizegiving.

Class Trophies

  • “Blaze of Glory” – best Blaze sailor over the season (based on main series results)
  • “Gaylord Trophy” – best Laser sailor over the season (based on main series results – all rigs eligible)
  • “Laser Challenge Cup” – sailed as part of the Commodores Cup race (all rigs eligible)
  • “Top Hat” & “Tip Top” trophies – awarded to Topper sailors as part of the Aries & Founders series respectively

Series Awards, Shields and more

  • “Aries Cup”
  • “Commodore’s Cup Fast Fleet”
  • “Coxswain’s Cannon”
  • “Clubhouse Pennant”
  • “Crew’s Cup” – best crew of the year, based on all results
  • “Endeavour Trophy” – awarded to the person who has not won any other trophies during the year
  • “Evelyn Mary Hand”
  • “Felpham Challenge Cup” – Sunday afternoon series
  • “Fisher’s Flipper” – personal handicap series
  • “Founders Series”
  • “Golden Jubilee Cup”
  • “Hago Cup”
  • “King George V Trophy”
  • “Kismet Cup” – top slow fleet boat in the Felpham Challenge Cup
  • “Ladies Shield”
  • “Long Distance Cup”
  • “Looking Glass” – slow handicap from the Viking series
  • “Menagerie Shield” – Sunday afternoon fast fleet series
  • “North Mark (Monty Hand) Trophy”
  • “Norseman Cup” – slow handicap from Founders series
  • “Portfield Peugeot Challenge Cup” – a single race held mid-year as part of the Capstan Series
  • “Porte Shield”
  • “Principals Challenge Trophy” – highest place instructor
  • “Presidents Prize” – race started from the promenade in a running start
  • “Princes Pot” – Sunday afternoon slow handicap series
  • “Rainbow Trophy” – slow handicap from the Fishers Flipper series
  • “RNLI Pennant”
  • “Shelley Cup Series”
  • “Sidmouth Shield” – Sunday afternoon series
  • “Single Handed Cup” – top FSC single hander of the Felpham Regatta
  • “Spring Series” – top slow handicap boat from the Aries Cup
  • “Transom Trophy” – best Feva sailors over the year (rededicated from the Mirror fleet)
  • “Tyger Trophy” – pursuit race
  • “Veterans Trophy”
  • “Viking Cup”
  • “Wannop & Falconer Trophy” – pursuit race

Commodore’s Awards

  • “Sportsman Cup” – to the most sporting sailor
  • “John Bennett Trophy” (presented by Anne Bennett) – To the person who has contributed to FSC despite personal adversity or other difficulty
  • “Orkney Boats Trophy” – to the person who has contributed significantly to FSC and helping other members
  • “Over The Top Trophy” – Awarded for excellence at capsize practice, boat damage or general disaster

Friday Night Series Trophies

  • “Friday Night Series Laser Trophy” – overall winner of the laser class for all Friday racing
  • “Friday Night Series Topper Trophy” – overall winner of the Topper class for all Friday racing
  • “Friday Night Series Feva Trophy” – overall winner of the Feva class for all Friday racing
  • “Wandering Monkey Trophy” – overall winner of all Friday racing
  • “Most Improved Racer Boy” – most improved results over the season boy
  • “Most Improved Racer Girl” – most improved results over the season girl
  • “Sportsmanship Trophy” – best sporting attitude regardless of results trophy
  • “Gordon Pullinger Cup” (awarded by The Commodore) – Most potential or best contribution

Other Cadet Trophies

  • “Anchorman Trophy” – awarded to the 2nd Helm of Cadet Week
  • “Andy Farrer Endeavour Youth Trophy” – First youth in the Endeavour Trophy Race
  • “Berthon Cup” – Wednesday evening for the Cadets (results extracted from the Capstan Series)
  • “Cadet Week Trophy”
  • “Mike Harris Cadet Shield” – Sailed as part of the Evelyn Mary Hand, Under 18
  • “Wednesday Cadet Trophy” – first half of the Wednesday evening series for cadets